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Action Games:
One of the most popular video game genres is action games. This genre can be attributed to any game that involves a quick response from the player, a high level of focus, and the ability to quickly assess the situation and make judgments. The world-famous classic arcade games Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Battlezone were the earliest examples of the genre, laying the groundwork for what has become a cult.

There are probably no other genres with as many subgenres as Action games. Action aspects can be found in shooters, platformers, fighting games, stealth-action games, horror, and action-RPGs. And it's no surprise that the genre has been popular since its inception: gamers want to be amused, and what could be more entertaining than fights, gunshots, explosions, and chases? Everyone knows about the top action games; detailing them all would take more than a hundred pages. Furthermore, new and intriguing representatives of the genre are released virtually every day, thrilling us with dynamic gameplay, exciting narrative, and colorful scenes.