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Shooting Games:
You can play as a killer, a bounty hunter, or organize a genuine fight with armies, go hunting, or shoot at targets in a variety of shooting games. Everyone is at war, including sketched small men, Lego heroes, and extraterrestrial creatures. Choose an automatic weapon, a handgun, a rifle, a grenade launcher, or a shotgun. Also, if you're in a space shuttle, make advantage of laser systems. Units are also robots, with the most powerful weapons. It will become much more lethal after upgrading, and you will be able to defend the perimeter from aggressors.

What game should I play? Online shooting games, of course! The beauty of shooting games is that you may use anything and switch guns for different scenarios in the menu. However, you must first pass through multiple tiers to have access to updates. Simple firearms can be effective against robots, albeit bullets must have a high enough velocity to pierce armor and strike the robot's electrical heart. However, with the various monsters there, you must fight in a more innovative manner. All machine guns are good in a fight, especially if they're backed up by bazookas, machine guns, rifles, handguns, grenade launchers, tanks, planes, and the navy.

Militant gamers who prefer to play shooting games have erupted into a full-fledged conflict in the virtual world. They enlist allies' help to surround the adversary, devise creative tactics, employ cutting-edge weapons, and triumphantly advance. Everyone feels like a general here, and success or failure is determined only by their efforts. In the appropriate simulations, you can even shoot while hunting, or organize sports shooting with fixed targets and flying saucers. Moving the balls across the field demands your agility, and they must be destroyed with cannon fire. When you come across monochrome items, shoot them so that they disintegrate. Apply logic in another topic: to release an object, use a shot to break the structure that surrounds it.