8 Ball Billiards Classic

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About 8 Ball Billiards Classic Game
Instruction A totally free online pool game is 8-Ball Billiards. In two-player mode, you may compete with other people or play alone versus AI. Pick up a cue and set up your first shot; anyone can play the game easily.

How to Play 8-Ball Pick a Ball You must pocket all of the striped or spotted balls in the simple billiards game known as billiards. What ball is potted first determines the balls that are assigned to you.

Prepare your cue.
The settings are simple; just click and drag to adjust the force before aligning the angle with the ball that appears to pot next. In keeping with the rules of pool, wait to use the 8-ball until all of your balls have been potted.

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Controls Move your mouse to aim, Drag left mouse button backwards to set a power, release to shoot
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