Air Wars 3

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About Air Wars 3 Game
Instruction Engage in High-Flying Combat: Air Wars 3 Multiplayer Experience!

Immerse yourself in thrilling aerial battles where the goal is to conquer opponents' bases. Building on the success of Air Wars 2, this 3D combat game offers intense sky skirmishes that propel you to the top of the leaderboard.

How to Engage:
Choose your battlefield or create a custom game room. Register for free to save your progress and dive straight into the action with intuitive controls.

Master the skies as you attack enemy aircraft, seize flags, and explore diverse 3D maps.

Progress and Rewards:
Advance from novice to ace pilot with a range of rewards and leaderboards tracking your journey. Unlock new aircraft and enhance their capabilities with upgrades in speed and firepower, ensuring dominance in every battle!
Controls Mouse / left-click = aim / shoot, C or right-click = cockpit view, W or up arrow key= boost speed, AD or left and right arrow keys = turn, S = slow down, Esc = menu, P = toggle advanced graphics
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