Alien Reform

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About Alien Reform Game
Instruction The video game Alien Reform is a 3D survival shooter. The aliens get stronger with each level in this game, which incorporates a leveling structure. There are six unique maps. Every 12 levels, these maps are updated. There is a "FULL BOSS" encounter before to each level change. All aliens are powerful, and you must eliminate them in order to access the new map. There are 15 sci-fi weaponry in total, and in-game money can be used to buy and enhance them. To defeat strong zombies, one needs strong weapons. Aliens can also be destroyed using the "Bazooka." With the "daily XPs you have earned," enter the rating in the "daily ranking table." With the "Gold" you earn on this table, which is refreshed daily, you can purchase new heroes.
Controls Move with WASD Click left to shoot Right-click to change the camera bazooka is equal to U. = reload = crouch 1 2 3 = change your weapon
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