Amazing Strange Rope Police

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About Amazing Strange Rope Police Game
Instruction In the amazing city simulator game Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas, you take control of a superhero who resembles Spiderman. You have the option to turn into a superhero and save the day, or you can take on the role of the antagonist and turn into a supervillain!

This game features amazing 3D visuals, and the enormous metropolis you can explore is expansive and teeming with mysteries. Numerous superhero maneuvers are at your disposal, like the web shot, building climb, and laser beam! And to top it all off, there are a variety of superhero costumes to select from. Which course will you take?
Controls WASD or arrow keys: move T: open nearby garage Q: shoot web Right click: laser Left click: shoot or punch Space bar: jump Left shift: run X: switch weapons F: open car R: open nearby shop G: grenade Z: switch grenade C: switch vehicle camera Garbage truck controls Pitchfork up: Z Pitchfork down: X Dump start: Q Dump end: E Lift container: space
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