Beaver's Bloks

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About Beaver's Bloks Game
Instruction Beaver's Blocks is a challenging logic game that involves solving fascinating block puzzles. To improve your talents, return to the game daily. Beaver's Blocks is a fantastic cozy activity that will provide you a smooth and enjoyable experience. Prepare yourself for this immensely addictive game by getting comfortable.

Rules: Arrange the game pieces on the board. Combine cubes to remove them from the board. Combine 9-cube lines. Combine 3 by 3 cube squares in the designated spaces. Get a combo by placing multiple lines and squares in a row or all at once! Get points by removing cubes from the board to raise your score.
Controls To grab a piece, left-click and hold. Holding down the left mouse button while dragging the piece with your pointer Release the left mouse button to place something on the desk.
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