Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

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About Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 Game
Instruction Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 is the long-awaited successor to the cult classic Bubble Shooter Soccer. This one-of-a-kind bubble shooter game transports players to a soccer stadium where they may combine their love of soccer with their favorite Bubble Shooter action. The stadium is packed, the lights are turned on, and the pressure is on! What is your highest possible score? Master your technique and get to the top!
Controls Aim and shoot balls onto the pitch with the mouse or your finger. Pop two or more balls by striking them with the same color ball. More balls you pop, more points you get. Failure to pop any balls will result in a foul. As a punishment, after repeated fouls, a new line of balls will be put to the pitch. Score as many points as you can to become the champion!
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