DC Super Hero Girls: Bumblebee Robot Rescue

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About DC Super Hero Girls: Bumblebee Robot Rescue Game
Instruction Enjoy the thrill of a tunnel adventure in this exhilarating game. The main character, Bee, has extraordinary powers that have caused her to shrink dramatically. In order to save her pals, she must now make her way through a maze of complex robot tubes. You'll need to use your smart thinking and gaming abilities to help Bee on her journey.

In order to go to her friends, Bee has to navigate these robotic tunnels in the tunnel-based game mechanic. The arrow keys will give you control of Bee and let you navigate the maze-like passageways. But beware—these tunnels are full with hazards and traps that will make your trip very difficult. Take on the role of Bee, the small but fearless hero, and get ready for an exciting journey full of mystery, action, and excitement. To save her comrades, she must maneuver through the unending tunnels, get past obstacles, and act quickly. You hold the power to decide the mission's outcome. Do you feel up to the task? Now, join Bee!
Controls Keyboard and mouse
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