Bunnicula: The Cursed Diamond

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About Bunnicula: The Cursed Diamond Game
Instruction Your aim in this exciting game is to assist Bunnicula in obtaining the cursed gem and escaping a terrible predicament.

Bunnicula has obtained the cursed diamond from a temple, but his quest takes a dangerous turn when lava begins to stream in. To survive, Rabbit must fly using his distinctive bunny ears. You'll be clicking your mouse or tapping your screen constantly to make Bunnicula flap his ears and ascend, carrying him to safety. As you go through the game, you will come across various obstacles that you must avoid in order to avoid getting trapped by the increasing lava.

Your quick reflexes and exact timing will be essential in keeping Bunnicula safe and assisting him in making a daring escape with the cursed gem. Each level introduces new challenges, so be prepared to overcome a range of obstacles while keeping Bunnicula safe. It's a daring journey that takes talent and perseverance. Are you up for the task? Give it your all and assist Bunnicula reach the top with the valuable diamond! Good luck and have a fantastic time!
Controls Keyboard and mouse
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