Call of Ops

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About Call of Ops Game
Instruction The first-person shooter game Call of Ops is excellent, including stunning visuals and challenging multiplayer gameplay. Your superior has ordered you into combat, and in order to win and finally find your family again, you must engage in endless battles against foes. Machine guns, shotguns, pistols, and grenade launchers are just a few of the weapons you can use to take out your foes when you enter the battlefield.

You can buy upgrades and new weapons with the money you earn from fighting. Attempt to outnumber other players from across the world in the arena by as many kills as you can. You will enjoy the enjoyable gameplay, which makes use of traditional first-person-shooter principles, as you put your fighting prowess to the test.
Controls WASD to move Left click to shoot R to reload Space bar to jump B to enter buy menu C to crouch
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