Downtown 1930s Mafia

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About Downtown 1930s Mafia Game
Instruction 1930s in the city Gangs battle for control of their respective areas in the mafia. The underground market, bank robberies, smuggling, illicit alcohol, and searches are in full swing right now.  Now that the roadways are accessible.   Consider yourself in the 1930s. You are a recent newcomer to the United States. Establish your group and lead it to success. Battle the other people to earn respect and the streets. Together with your group, cruise around in the real vehicles. You have been anticipated by us. Become a powerful Don in the Mafia. Play this multiplayer third-person shooting game online with hundreds of other people.
Controls WASD or arrow keys = walk / drive, H = open the help panel with all these controls, F = enter / exit car, sit anywhere, R = repair car, U = car upside reset, T = reset stuck car, E = crouch, G = greetings, wave friendly, Return / enter = focus chat, To get a coffee in the game type /coffee, To get a bottle of starry's type /bottle, - = go to the lobby, I = ignore/unignore panel, K = invite friends, Ctrl + L = dancing a little swing
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