Escape From Blue Monster

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About Escape From Blue Monster Game
Instruction The enormous Blue Monster wants to hug you properly right away and grab you in its claws. However, the cuddly bear's mouth is filled with a lot of razor-sharp fangs, so you shouldn't really desire this. Therefore, gather food, consume it, and try to flee from the Blue Monster. Avoid crashing into the balls, though, as doing so will lead you to become slower for a bit. Purchase explosives from the shop to shock the Blue Monster and blow up surrounding interference balls. You may also purchase a fury knife, which will provide you temporary invulnerability and allow you to slice through any barrier in your way—even the Blue Monster!
Controls Collect as much food as you can while trying not to touch the balls and run away from Blue Monster! Control: Mouse (or motion joystick on mobile devices) - movement. Z - use a bomb. X - use the knife of rage.
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