Ghost Escape 3D

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About Ghost Escape 3D Game
Instruction Trapped in a Haunted Hospital: Silent Escape Quest - Beware of the Ghost! 🏥👻

Embark on a chilling journey into the depths of terror as you find yourself ensnared within the sinister confines of a haunted hospital. Whispered tales of ghostly apparitions and eerie occurrences surround you, amplifying the tension with each step.

Your only hope of freedom lies in uncovering the secrets veiled within the hospital's shadowy corridors. But beware, for a malevolent specter prowls these halls, its senses attuned to every sound. To evade its grasp and break free from this nightmare, you must gather all the elusive posters and pictures scattered throughout the haunted wards.

Navigate the gloom-laden passages with caution, for every creak and shuffle could betray your presence to the vengeful ghost. Will you muster the courage to brave the unknown and unravel the mystery shrouding this haunted asylum? Or will your fears consume you, sealing your fate within its haunted embrace?
Controls Keyboard and mouse
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