Graffiti Time 1

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About Graffiti Time 1 Game
Instruction The game Graffiti Time is returning! Mr. Fat Cap is a graffiti artist that travels the world. In order to create parts and tags, sneak around the streets. To utilize the double jump, fly above the level. Robots attempting to capture you should be avoided. Restore the aesthetic appeal of the streets. For additional cash, perform kickflips on the tiny cruiser board. Features include: - A skateboarding racing mode - Difficult Additional Mini Games - Freehand tagging option - Amusing animation - The game's designer is also a graffiti artist in real life. - For all the fans of the Trane writer's getting up game, but now on your phone!
Controls Use Arrows to Move and C to paint or enter to Tagging mode, On Mobile use on-screen buttons
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