Gumball - BMX Champions

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About Gumball - BMX Champions Game
Instruction Gumball and his buddies are taking part in a cycling race today. Gumball - BMX Champions is a game that you'll help him win. On the screen in front of you is your hero, who is sitting at the wheel of his bike. As he begins to cycle, he will move quickly along the road at a designated pace. Look examine the display closely. Gumball is taking a route that takes him across some very difficult terrain. So, you must use extreme caution!

Gumball needs your help navigating a few dangerous spots on the road, and you'll need to control the movements to keep him from tumbling or toppling over. If this happens, the round is over for you. Your hero will have to cross the finish line by a certain time. Gaining various handy things along the route will earn you points in the Gumball - BMX Champions game, and the character might also receive some beneficial benefits. Attempt to ride your bike as quickly as you can to feel the maximum exhilaration. To avoid falling into any traps you could come across on the way, you must
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