Hero 5 Katana Slice

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About Hero 5 Katana Slice Game
Instruction Your family trusted you when you said the conflict was finished. However, the actual fight has reached your doorstep. A nearby clan made the decision to increase its holdings and annex your town. You are powerless. Your loved ones are at jeopardy. Take control of your ancestral katana. Kill all adversaries that pose a threat to your family. Slash the bodies of the enemy samurai with your sword. Cut off the heads of adversaries wearing armor to crush them. Throw a long throw at the shuriken-throwing ninjas hiding on rooftops. Save your country!

Dismembering foes, realistic physics, a Japanese-medieval setting, addictive action, and distinctive opponents - Beautiful visuals - Practical management
Controls Left Mouse Button (Hold) - Katana Attack Right Mouse Button + Aim on Enemy - Throw on Target Mouse - Look around WASD - Movement Space (Hold) - Jump Shift - Run
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