I'm Not A Monster: Wanna Live

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About I'm Not A Monster: Wanna Live Game
Instruction Have you ever wondered what happened to Huggy Wuggy before he became so vengeful at an abandoned toy factory? Let's figure out what's going on and save our dear pal. This game offers you a story about a girl's mission to retrieve her childhood toy, Huggy Wuggy, based on a Poppy Animation idea. You will take on the character of that girl and must complete all of the challenging levels. Huggy is seen enclosed in a glass case at the start of the chapter. Huggy Wuggy only wants to be hugged. He isn't a monster at all. Give him your warm hand and try to reawaken him.

FEATURES OF THE GAME Brain-training puzzle games Thrilling quests and suspenseful gameplay Puzzles that are both mind-bending and twisted Controls that are easy to use Graphics and sound effects are great.

Controls To open Huggy's case, follow the instructions. To find the rule, use your mental IQ. During Poppy Playtime, make use of the GrabPack magic backpack. To hack electrical circuits or take something from afar, use Blue Hand and Red Hand.
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