Let Me Eat 2: Feeding Madness

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About Let Me Eat 2: Feeding Madness Game
Instruction In the arcade game Let Me Eat 2: Feeding Madness, you command a number of rapidly expanding marine predators on a mission to unearth a mystery buried beneath the sea. To dodge predators and other obstacles while consuming smaller fish and other organisms in order to finally go to the top of the food chain is the goal of the game. There are 60 new levels with challenging above-water obstacles as well as new underwater worlds, coral reefs, deep sea caverns, and sunken ships. The protagonist of the story mode is a tiny butterflyfish by the name of Bufi. Bufi climbs the food chain by eating his way to the top. The player meets fresh prey and predators along the journey.
Controls Drag left-click = move, Space = dash
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