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Instruction How frequently have you viewed various sporting events with participants from throughout the globe? Each of you had a favorite that you probably worried about and hoped would win, probably multiple times. Together, you will navigate the obstacle course. In order to avoid being lonely or bored, you must immediately sign up for this virtual competition and try to win it.

Only the fastest and bravest will survive, but while you navigate the obstacle course, you must constantly be aware of your surroundings. As a result, you might receive a heavy blow from a hammer or be spun by a large windmill. Naturally, none of these will seriously hurt your character, but he will leave the obstacle course and the race will slack off. Your competitors might already be far away by the time this occurs. You still need to give your participant a name and pick the color of their costume to help them stand out from the other contestants. You'll find it easier to finish all the tasks and keep up with the other players as they tr
Controls Use Keyboard
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