Mash Up Party Launch

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About Mash Up Party Launch Game
Instruction The animals in this absurd adventure are racing against time to get to the WB Party, but they've disguised themselves as superheroes, and they need your assistance to use ACME items to rocket themselves into the sky. To get a good score, you want to launch them into the air and send them as high as you can.

Click the screen to begin the launch in order to get started. When you launch your animal superhero into the air, watch out for items that can give it a big boost in both speed and altitude. Keep a look out for chances to soar to new heights as you will soar even higher into the sky by bouncing off these items. There will be laughter, turmoil, and excitement aplenty in this exhilarating game. It all comes down to having a great time while leaping to new heights. Thus, accept the chaos, relish the task, and don't forget to ask your buddies to partake in the excitement. Take off with your animal superheroes, break all previous records, and reach the stars.
Controls Keyboard and mouse
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