Maze Of Infection

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About Maze Of Infection Game
Instruction A zombie-filled survival-top-down shooter! You are the sole survivor of a lab where sinister experiments on underprivileged individuals were conducted. Run through the zombies to get out, killing as many as you can!

STORY: You find yourself alone in a dark laboratory not far from a major city. You simply need to flee and fight for your life to get out of the building, which you know is possible. Monsters on 12 floors that crave your flesh are scary. Use any weapon you have to defend yourself and head for the door.

- Twelve distinct levels - Maps of the labyrinth - Several zombie hordes - Six different weaponry - Various sorts of zombies and important spots for each playtrough - Procedure for Making Zombies (any zombie is procedurally created with different health, speed, animations...)
Controls WASD to move Left click to shoot scroll to change weapon
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