Merge Rush Z

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About Merge Rush Z Game
Instruction Merge Rush Z is an addictive, free zombie shooter game where you merge powerful guns to battle hordes of zombies with your heroine and her fearless squad. Zombies present a variety of challenges, varying in size, speed, abilities, and formidable bosses! Engage in thrilling shooting action, combining guns, deadly items, and your strategic wits to clear wave after wave of zombies.

In this intense survival game, you must tap, bang, and blast your way through the relentless Zombie Outbreak. Merge guns to create even more powerful weapons, equipping your team to handle the increasing threats. Each level brings new challenges and tougher enemies, testing your skills and reflexes to the max.

Not only will you face standard zombies, but also encounter unique, more powerful types with special abilities that require careful strategy and quick reflexes to defeat. Use a variety of deadly items to gain an edge in battle and protect your squad from the zombie menace.

Ready for the ultimate zombie shooting experience? Join the fight, merge your weapons, and unleash your firepower to survive and conquer the undead apocalypse. Play Merge Rush Z now and immerse yourself in non-stop, heart-pounding action!
Controls Tap the screen and control the firing speed through buttons.
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