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Instruction Get a job or eat out of the trash. Sleep in a squatting area or buy a house. Enjoy yourself, but remember to acquire a decent replacement for the nursery because time passes and you get older! HOW TO PLAY for Cash: Clean the floor of debris and dung from the ground. Find money on the ground. Buy buildings to earn commissions. Work on computers, in a lab, or in the CEO's office. You will make more money if a building is used more frequently by other gamers. Kill the wealthy. IMPROVING YOUR CHARACTER • Computer expertise: If you choose to work with computers, you'll make more money. • Broom skill: If you choose to sweep the floor, you'll clean it more quickly and make more money.
Controls W, A, S, D, / Z, Q, S, D, or Arrow keys are used to move. Hit: Right click Engage: E Throw something away: Just click Map: M
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