Noob Miner Escape From Prison

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About Noob Miner Escape From Prison Game
Instruction So, novice, you're in prison and have to labor in the mine! Get resources, acquire new picks, eat cakes, dynamite everything, and discover a way out of prison. There are several sorts of merchants in the game that purchase and sell materials. - A huge map including hidden resources - Ability to improve a Noob character - Two distinct endings (2 escape choices) - Mine generator, which may be pumped up to extract additional materials How quickly will you be able to flee?
Controls Your aim is to break through the jail walls and escape! For mobile: movement Move Left Joystick Right Joystick Block Destruction Tap an empty spot on the screen. - Place the block For PC: WASD Arrows - Movement LCM - Block destruction PCM - Install the block E - Open the inventory or storage ESC - Pause
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