Noob vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse

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About Noob vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse Game
Instruction Hello, buddies! The Zombie Apocalypse has here in Noob vs. Pro vs. Zombies! As you progress through the levels, an amazing tale will be revealed. In this difficult zombie mod, aid in the survival of the nubik and the pro! You're in for a lot of adventures: While Noob was peacefully living in his modest home in the forest, the world of blocks was abruptly attacked by zombies! Zombies in their thousands strive to obliterate everything in their path. Help the novice and expert to put a stop to them, kill zombies, and destroy anything that stands in your way.
Controls On PC: Spacebar for shooting Control arrows for automatic movement Movement arrows for characters Mouse control is another option. Touch-screen devices The screen's interface buttons provide control.
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