Red Bounce Ball

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About Red Bounce Ball Game
Instruction In Jumping Ball Puzzle adventure games, jump and run to save your love! The world should be compressed into a square by the evil minions. Red bounce ball is on hand to save the day. You must roll and leap your way through a dangerous factory, taking out attackers and dodging lethal laser beams. Do you have what it takes to prevent the world from becoming unbalanced? Move the red bounce ball with the arrow keys toward his objective while making careful to destroy every star in your path. Beware of the nasty people! It's wonderful to leap on them. Receiving a corner blow is not. The red rollerball bounces, jumps, and rolls through a mechanical wasteland! As you defeat every evil square, your goal is to collect stars. Deadly moving lasers can be found in several areas. Roll with the utmost accuracy to safely navigate each region!
- Roll the ball through more than 100 stages - Gorgeous, colorful visuals - Levels based on physics - A variety of world types - 115 different levels - Simple and clear controls - Trad
Controls - Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball 4 - Use up arrow key to jump ball, you will be amazed by the rolling and jumping ability of the Red bounce ball bounce - Use the down arrow key to stop the bouncing ball in front of dangerous impediments. - Get enough required number of yellow stars while rolling the ball - Find the magical door to guide the ball by ball to get to the next level
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