Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel

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About Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel Game
Instruction The Shadow Fighters Hero Duel has just been held, and the fighters trained in the shadows have been getting ready for it. Even at darkness, these combatants can compete. They possess both talent and strength. Eight fighters will compete in this title. You can choose any of the combatants. The bouts will take place in several locations. Both single player and two player modes are available. In story mode, you can also battle against several opponents. The championship fight may now commence!
Controls Player 1: "W, A, S, D" "F, G, and H" Kicking: "C,V" "A-D" dash - 2X Move: "ARROW KEYS" Player 2 'U,I,O' as a punch "K,L" for kick "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS" dash - 2X
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