Shell Shockers

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About Shell Shockers Game
Instruction A first-person shooter game called Shell Shockers ( features eggs with firearms. In one of four online game modes, you take control of one of these weapon-wielding eggs with the goal of destroying your opponents with explosives and bullets. It's the best online game for shooting eggs!

The Rules of Shell Shockers
Enter the game, choose a character name, personalize your egg, and select one of the four game modes. You have to put in a lot of effort to defend yourself and hurt the other eggs in this game. See whether you can conquer the Shell Shockers arena by trying out each game style.

Hints and Techniques
Play with strategy
Move swiftly.
Ammunition made with eggs
Think like a chicken.
Controls Gamepad is now supported! WASD to move Left-click to shoot E to change weapon Q to throw a grenade R to reload Space to jump Shift to zoom and aim
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