Smileyworld Match

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About Smileyworld Match Game
Instruction By moving the smileys about in this online game, you can gather objects. To gather them, arrange three or more matching items in a row. In each stage of this upbeat puzzle game with smiley faces, you'll need to fulfill a unique task. By aligning the complementary symbols, gather the fruits, fish, and nuts and cut the grass. Alternately, you could take out the blue blocks, break the candy laces, and cause the sweets to fall to the bottom of the screen. You can see what to collect in each level by looking at the icons on the level map.

Line up three or more identical smileysitems in a row when playing Smiley World Match to collect them. A fun match-3 game with fruit and nuts in various colors and amusing faces.
Controls Tap an icon and drag it to a nearby slot to move it around the board. The Smileys will disappear from the board and new ones will fall down if this move yields a combination of three or more matching icons.
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