Stickman Jailbreak Love Story

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About Stickman Jailbreak Love Story Game
Instruction A jail love tale Stikman stole a bank and took money home for his beloved. The cops did not have to spend a long time looking for a robber. The stick was discovered and imprisoned. He enjoyed sending a unique present to prison in order to escape. You have several alternatives for escaping. You must select the correct alternatives or you will lose. A love tale will reveal who is ready for love and passion. It's now time to break out of prison. Locate all 28 unsuccessful possibilities as well as one lucky option. Create your amusing jailbreak!
Controls Control the game with your computer mouse. If you have a mobile device, use the stylus or your finger to write. To complete the game, you must click on various things and successfully escape from the prison. To hit an adversary, swiftly click on it when an arrow appears on the enemy from above.
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