Super Mario Bros Riders

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About Super Mario Bros Riders Game
Instruction Make your character jump into the air by clicking on the screen while playing the Super Mario Bros. running game. The plumber man jumps twice in a row if you click on the screen twice in a row. As a result, it remains in the air for a longer period of time. This allows you to traverse through large waterways. On the trail, the plumber comes across pile traps and water channels. Jump over mounds and water channels to make your way along the route. Collect gold coins in the air while sprinting to earn points. The number of gold coins you have accumulated is displayed at the top of the screen. You burn when you fall into water or are caught in traps. When you reach the target at the end of the track, you have completed the level and can on to the next sector.

By clicking the SHOP button, you can access the game's market. Depending on how much gold you earn, you can develop your character or purchase additional characters. Thus, continue the journey with a stronger character in the following chapters of the super mario bros running game.
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
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