Super Mario Rush 2

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About Super Mario Rush 2 Game
Instruction While playing Super Mario Running 2 game, make your character jump into the air by clicking on the screen. If you click on the screen twice in a row, the plumber man jumps twice in a row. So it stays in the air longer. This way you can pass over wide channels. The plumber running on the track encounters pile traps and water channels. Try to progress on the track by jumping over piles and water channels. Earn points by collecting gold coins in the air while running. You earn points for every meter you run. The number of gold coins you have collected and the distance you have run appear at the top of the screen. When you fall into water or get caught in traps, you burn.

Switch to the market part of the game by clicking the SHOP button. There are 3 different tracks here. You can improve your character or buy new characters according to the amount of gold you collect. Play super mario running 2 game by continuing your adventure with a stronger character on different tracks.
Controls Keyboard and Mouse.
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