The Floor Is Lava

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About The Floor Is Lava Game
Instruction The game The Floor is Lava. Something definitely goes wrong just when you believe the day went well and you had a lot of fun. Apple and Onion learned today that something extremely strange has occurred. The entire area is covered in flaming lava!

With no other option left to them, they must now climb up the bars like a troop of baby monkeys. This appears to be their sole means of escaping the danger. The issue is that they have to pool their minds in order to avoid melting. How fortunate they are that you are here to assist them!

These people are well-known for their high-rise buildings and monkey bars. Their best chance of escaping unscathed is if they can rely on their strength and coordination. Helping people to escape danger is something you can do. You should utilize your keyboard's keys to accomplish that!

While the Up and Down arrows are used for climbing, the Left and Right arrows will cause them to go forward or backward.
Controls Keyboard and mouse
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