The Smurfs Skate Rush

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About The Smurfs Skate Rush Game
Instruction An video game called Smurf Skate Rush features the amusing blue creatures from The Smurfs cartoons and movies. While avoiding the rocks, automobiles, and logs, gather berries. In Smurf Skate Rush, you may skateboard between the lanes. Avoid the other obstacles, such as tree trunks. In this 3D Smurfs game, jump over gates and onto the trains and automobiles to do grinds and other stunts. Strawberries may be collected and used to unlock new skateboards. To access other Smurfs characters, look for unique emblems like Papa Smurf's red cap, Handy's pencils, or Hefty Smurf's heart tattoo. To go on to the next level of this Smurfs video game, find the magic doorway.
Controls Use the up arrow to skate up the ramps and over the logs, or grind across the rails. Tap the down arrow to duck and slide under the wooden signs.
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