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Instruction Speed into traffic jams or split lanes in this game of highway or lane racing to score extra points. swerve between automobiles and trucks on a straight roadway as you travel. Racing game (Traffic Tour) is a brand-new, unlimited arcade racing game that elevates your driving simulation skills to a whole new level. It was created for fans of traffic racers, and its cutting-edge features make it one of the best cars games available for free. - Realistic graphics and a real racing experience - Pick your best racing vehicles and compete against other players in a multiplayer mode that is real-time. - Participate in 100 different online tasks and get rewards by defeating your rivals. - Take part in 1V1 racing games with your pals. The best free racing game has a great CRS (car racing system).
Controls - Directions for operation: Forward: W A = Left Left S Brake Nitrous Brake Shift ESC = Back - In endless mode, unlock additional vehicles by accumulating more Blueprints. - When traveling over 100 km/h, try to pass other vehicles in traffic to earn extra points and money. - Earn more money when in endless mode. - Driving the other way in a two-way street earns you bonus points and money
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