Train Surfers 1

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About Train Surfers 1 Game
Instruction Try Train Surfers, a never-ending running game, and go as quickly as you can! A fantastic jogging game for runners called Train Surfing. You know how it is in the streets—run along the complex traffic snarl and get away from the police. To avoid running into barriers, buses, and trains, swipe to turn, use the Direction keys or WASD for up, left, down, and right, respectively, or press the space bar to jump, jump, and slide. Run a fun race on Bus 3D, gather coins, and purchase powerups. Find out how far you can sprint as you unlock new characters! Start your voyage along the tracks in the underground city today and surf with your pals. Run hysterically and push yourself to the max. Run - Train Surfing seems to be a lot of fun.Start your Run - Train Surfing and take part in the most exciting dash by playing it right away.
Controls Use W A S D or the directional keys to jump, move left, move right, or move down or slide. Jump using Space Bar.
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