Tweety's Pipe Pranks: Looney Tunes

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About Tweety's Pipe Pranks: Looney Tunes Game
Instruction In this fun online game, join Tweety Bird on a humorous prank-filled adventure as he takes on the naughty Sylvester the cat. If you accept the job, you must outwit Sylvester and give him a taste of his own medicine by pulling cunning pranks!

Each level presents you with a new puzzle involving water pipelines. Your mission is to strategically organize the pipes so that the water may flow and eventually soak Sylvester. But be cautious! Sylvester is no pushover, and he'll do all in his can to avoid being wet. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter different challenges and puzzles that require quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Can you outwit Sylvester at every turn and ensure that he ends up on the receiving end of a refreshing splash? The game offers a delightful blend of strategy and humor as you set up the perfect prank. So, get ready to join Tweety Bird in this laugh-out-loud adventure full of watery pranks and cunning maneuvers. Dive into the world of playful pranks and enjoy!
Controls Keyboard and mouse
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