Vegas Clash 3D

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About Vegas Clash 3D Game
Instruction A 3D third-person shooter game called Vegas Clash 3D is set in a Las Vegas casino. While trading several rounds with the police, rob the casino like a real rock 'n' roll legend!

How to Play Pull off a casino robbery
As you loot a luxurious Vegas casino, you and a group of cheeky Elvis impersonators are fighting fiercely with the authorities. As you eliminate police officers, look around the area for health packs and more weaponry. Discover the fantastic casino and celebrate Elvis in the bank vault!

Create an unstoppable Elvis
On the homescreen, you can increase the firepower of your two main weapons. Additionally, you can raise your maximum health.
Controls WASD or arrow keys = move Left-click = shoot Right-click = aim C = crouch Space = jump
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