Vex 6

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About Vex 6 Game
Instruction The most recent version of this stickman-parkour-platform game is called VEX 6! Your stickman must jump and slide his way through 9 new Acts and 9 new Hard Acts. Each Act concludes with the stage that needs to be finished: "Vexation." To unlock 64 unique skins for your stickman, be careful to gather the coins along the road. You desire further coinage. After that, return to VEX 6 each day to finish the daily assignments and play the daily bonus level. Due to its new higher quality and 60 frames per second, VEX 6 looks really gorgeous!
Controls To maneuver your character on a keyboard, press the WASD or Arrow keys. Use the left and right arrow keys on your mobile device, as well as Jump and Slide.
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