Winter Clash 3D

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About Winter Clash 3D Game
Instruction A shooting game from the Clash 3D series with a Christmas theme is called Winter Clash 3D. As a member of Santa's crew, you are battling a group of unruly elves. To climb the scoreboard, amass as many kills as you can.

Crush the Elf Rebellion: How to Play
Take up arms to defend Christmas. Look at those men over there. They are elves who are protesting the conditions at work at Santa's workshop. Use Santa's sniper gun to teach them a lesson. Use the scope for the farthest possible range and aim for the head to kill them in one shot.

Boost your belief in Santa Claus
You gain points each time you complete a round, boosting Santa's strength. These points can be invested in your health or sniper rifle power.

Earn accomplishments
Killing elves is a math exercise. You must kill a lot of enemies to appear on the daily scoreboard. The top 10 results for the day are shown below. You may also see your accomplishments and try to fulfill the ones you haven't yet in the following game.
Controls WASD or arrow keys = move C = crouch Space = jump Tab = score table Right-click = aim Left-click = shoot
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